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This involves the initial conceptualization of the entire project which helps in forming the foundations on which the rest of the project is built up.

Stage 1: This involves gathering functional requirements of the proposed facility which includes:

    • Production process together with the required level of automation,
    • Dosage forms,
    • Batch sizes,
    • Containment needs,
    • Type of equipment and machinery,
    • Inventory norms,
    • Expansion philosophy, etc.

Stage2: Parsan starts by addressing the following concerns:

  • Preliminary layout based on availability of space and resources
  • Targeted environmental cleanliness category
  • Optimal water quality and water treatment facilities

Stage 3: All the above data are finally used to prepare the following :

  • An overall budget for project execution
  • The entire facility layout for the preliminary stage as per national and international regulatory norms
  • Conceptualization of building construction
  • Drawing out user requirement specification (URS)
  • Drawing out project schedules through bar charts
  • Water generation and distribution system design
  • Production environment designing like heating, ventilation and air conditioning
  • Pressure differential monitoring

Parsan operates keeping in mind the cost effectiveness of the project and at the same time taking care of the regulatory norms in addition to customer expectations. This is possible not only due to our previous experience on a plethora of successful installations, both indigenous and international, but also due to our regular communications with regulatory authorities as well as other global consultants.