Epoxy flooring, PU flooring, Vinyl Flooring
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PARSAN Engineers and Consultants is a group of leading expert service providers who come up with the required solutions to various issues. We make sure your problem is solved in the best possible way using our excellence in technological advancement. We have been offering solutions to different industries for years now, and flooring is also a field where we provide quality expert service to client companies. Different industries look for separate flooring to match their requirements. When they contact the developers for required flooring, they check the specialties and pricing to provide the contract to the most suitable companies. We just help the client companies with the excellence to ensure that customers get the quality they require. 

Kind of flooring we offer

The expert team of flooring specialists working for us provides you with multiple flooring styles that are much in demand in the market. The most important and popular types of flooring are-

  • Epoxy flooring that is suitable for industrial and commercial complexes. This is a type of coating that can be placed over the concrete floors that contractors offer. You just need to contact us at the right time with your complete requirement. PARSAN Engineers and Consultants has a dedicated team of experts who will visit your factory premises, showroom or office premise and get the measurement. We will provide the epoxy coating and the installation together within the said time. Our team works to meet your need. We have huge variety in this kind of flooring, which you can choose from. It gets sticked to the floor early and you can use the floor sooner, compared to other kind of flooring.  Mixture of resin and hardener makes this possible.
  • PU flooring or polyurethane flooring is another much demand flooring style for commercial as well as domestic properties. We make sure that you get the required size and shape, and quality of this kind of flooring at the most reasonable price. PU floors are available in two types such as comfort one for residential buildings and screeds suitable for industry or factory flooring. At PARSAN, we provide you with suggestions as well keeping your requirements in mind. Our experts not only offer you quality flooring but also assure you of proper consultation regarding the choice of flooring.
  • If you are looking for quality and durability for your property, Vinyl Flooring is another option for you. PARSAN Engineers and Consultants offers quality vinyl floors to clients with a complete guarantee. This flooring consists of multiple layers that do not only promise to stay for longer but is also quite affordable. This style comes in form of long sheets that help to fulfil your requirement. We assure that you get the flooring installed in the best possible way that will stay for longer.

We strive to achieve the much-required satisfaction from the client base. We provide all the solution to the problem of different issues that is much required in different layers of society. You can rely upon us for the quality and regularity of every service that we provide. Flooring is a new addition to our offering. We believe to help you with some kind of excellence in this sector as well.