Service Provider for Pharmaceutical Cleanroom, Modular OT & FMCG
We offer following solutions and services to our clients:

Our dedicated technical team is very strong and competent with latest technology & standards. We follow the following standards/guidelines to construct hospital OT and other health care facilities:

ISO 14644-1:2015
FED 209E
Modular OT
Non-Modular OT

OT Components

Plenum Unit (Laminar Air Flow)OT table
Air Handling Units (AHU)Anti-static flooring
LightsWriting Board
OT PendantsView window
Hermetically Sealed DoorsHatch Box
OT control panelEquipment storage unit
X-ray viewerPressure Stabilizer
Pressure relief damperModular wall & ceiling panel with PCGI / SS sheets ( for modular OT only)
Scrub sink                                                                                                                                                                         


Anti bacterial and anti static floor which is excellent chemical resistance, releasing no particles to surroundings, resistance to wear caused by frequent washing and moving of people/trolleys.
Edges of the room are sealed and airtight with proper corner coving
Easy to handle

Low maintenance cost

Construction of Negetive Isolation  Room for COVID 19 & other highly infectious disease affected patients

Avail the best quality services from Parsan Engineering solutions provider

Besides other engineering solutions at Parsan, we provide quality services to construct and maintain different element and rooms required in hospital and medical business. The engineers working for us make sure they understand the requirement of the hospital as well as pharmaceutical industry to design the instrument and operation theatres for the reputed and recognized hospitals. We have been working as a Service Provider for Pharmaceutical Cleanroom for a long time now, and we have worked with both medium and large hospitals to gain enough experience of required services in this industry. Any hospital can rely on us for construction and maintenance of latest tech-based OTs, and other daily requirements, like AC and other electric instrument installation.

What we offer while constructing a modular OT?

We have specialized engineers who work hard to provide the client hospitals a quality Modular OT & FMCG with all the necessary ingredients and instruments for all kinds of required services at a reasonable cost. Some of the ingredients that we incorporate in the latest operation theaters that we provide to our clients-
  • We offer plenum unit of laminar air flow feature along with quality OT table.
  • Our experts offer air handling units, and it also contains anti-static flooring.
  • We also take care of the light setup in the operation theatre as well as in other parts of the hospitals to keep the floors properly illuminated.
  • The engineers taking care of the doors and windows provides hermetically sealed doors to ensure safety of the OT room.
  • OT control panel is another important ingredient of the modular OT room that allows the doctor and attendants to control the different parts of the room.
Parsan also assures that the floors are completely anti-bacterial with complete chemical resistance to ensure no particles will disturb the patients and their treatment process. You can trust us with all kind of necessary dressings for the cleanroom and OT simultaneously.