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We offer all of our following specialized HVAC solutions to our client:

Our dedicated technical team is very strong and competent with latest technology & standards. We follow the following standards/guidelines to construct our clean room:



We also provide the following services to our client:

Heat load calculation
Pressure drop calculation
Pump head calculation
Preparation of construction drawings and as-built drawings

Training on operation and maintenance

Water Cooled Chiller
    • Centrifugal type compressor

      Capacity: 300 TR to 3000 TR

    • Screw type compressor

      Capacity: 90 TR to 350 TR

    • Scroll type compressor

Capacity: 10 TR to 85 TR

Air-cooled Chiller
  • Normal scroll type compressor

    Capacity: 10 TR to 120 TR

  • Inverter scroll type compressor

    Capacity: 12 TR to 72 TR

  • Screw type compressor

    Capacity: 70 TR to 400 TR

AHRI/ARI certified
ASME certified heat exchanger
Highly energy efficient
PLC based control panel
Touch screen micro controller
BMS compatibility interface

Environment friendly refrigerant

High efficiency base mount end suction pumpFeatures
Primary chilled water pump
Secondary chilled water pump
Cooling water pump
Improved hydraulic design
High efficiency
Energy savings
High corrosion resistance
Long service life
Easy maintenance
CI body with cataphoretic coating
Stainless Steel impeller
C-channel construction welded base

VFD ready

Energy efficient integrated induced draft FRP cooling tower – Counter flow/Cross flow

Flow Rate: 25 to 1250 CMH/cell

CTI certified
Spray nozzles are high temperature resistant
Gear reducers with more than 95% efficiency

Proven fill with integral louvers and drift eliminator

Floor mounted – Vertical air throw/Horizontal air throw
Ceiling mounted
Capacity: 1000 CMH to 100000 CMH

High energy efficient
Available for indoor or outdoor installation
Space saving design
AHRI certified
Very low pressure drops

Widest range

Pre Filter

Size: As per requirement
Thickness: 50 / 100 mm
Filtration Efficiency: 90% down to 10 micron
Frame Material: Aluminium/SS/GI
Media Material: Micro glass filter paper media with Al. separator

Fine Filter

Size: As per requirement 
Thickness: 50 / 100 mm
Filtration Efficiency: 99% down to 3 micron
Frame Material: Aluminium/SS/GI
Media Material: HDPE/Nonwoven high temperature fabric

HEPA Filter

Size: As per requirement 
Thickness: 150 /300 mm
Filtration Efficiency: 99.97% down to 0.3 micron
Frame Material: Aluminium

Media Material: HDPE/Synthetic Fiber

Air cooled
Water cooled
Capacity: 6 HP to 60 HP

Cooling and heating options are available
Highly energy efficient than conventional air-conditioning system
Various types of indoor units can be mounted
Full inverter scroll compressor
Highly integrated heat exchanger
Operate smoothly even in high ambient temperature
Environment friendly refrigerant
BMS compatibility interface

Widest range


Water Cooled
Capacity: 5.5 TR to 22 TR

Air cooled
Capacity: 5.5 TR to 22 TR

Energy efficient 
Microprocessor-based control
Ecofriendly Refrigerant
High static pressure 
Increased air-flow rate

BMS compatibility interface

Tube axial flow fan
Capacity: 2000 CMH to 180000 CMH

Bifurcated axial flow fan

Capacity: 2000 CMH – 86000 CMH


PARSAN Engineers and Consultants offers variety of HVAC and ventilation services at best price

A group of experts of PARSAN Engineers and Consultants provide solutions to different industries at the right time with immense knowledge about latest technologies. Air-conditioning and ventilation are two services that people require both in office premises, hotels, hospitals, industrial areas and homes. This is an urgent need and our team is always ready to provide necessary service, whether installation or servicing within a stipulated time. Our dedicated team in charge of the HVAC system is working day and night to serve the customer accordingly without any delay, at a price which is reasonable compared to the market price. 

What is HVAC?

HVAC stands for Heating, Ventilation, and air-conditioning system. We provide all these services separately as well as collaboratively as per the demand of the industries/clients. This combination works in detail to change the air quality of indoor and outdoor of different buildings to help people live and breathe easily. Our expert team of workers use the best technologies to make sure customers enjoy the best possible output from our efforts. The aim of this system is to provide fresh air quality in the indoor facilities, along with thermal comfort. Conditioning the indoor air quality is what the Ventilation system assures. This system is can also use for pharmaceutical, healthcare, dairy lab and processing units. Contamination can also be measured and minimized through HVAC system.

Let’s break the system

For better and detail understanding of the system, we would better break the system into sub-sections.

People leaving in places where weather remains cold most of the time and temperature has to be controlled in industrial sectors, heating system is an absolute necessity. The heating element usually refers to a furnace or boiler or heater. It includes a pipe system for the fluid carrying the heat or duct work if you’re working with a forced air system. At PARSAN, we not only consider all of them but also provide them all, as per your request. Some people prefer spreading blower for the heat to reach every corner of the room. We also provide that mechanism to fulfil our services. 

Through the process of ventilation, you allow the air to enter into your home, and get processed and move around the room and HVAC mechanism for letting the fresh air help you breathe more easily and seamlessly. This service includes multiple mechanisms such as duct, ceiling vents, ventilation shafts in floor and wall, and chimney along with other systems. We assure that you get the most suitable and assured Heating, Ventilation and Air conditioning (HVAC) system from PARSAN Engineers and Consultants without much complication. 

Last but most important is the cooling unit that people require in places where summer is longer. Besides regular air-conditioning, we also provide systems that provide both heating and cooling of rooms as per the conditions outside. Our expert team members assure that our Air conditioning system is of quality and not only cool down the temperature of the room but also keep the room fresh with filtering the air particles at the same time. 

PARSAN Engineers and Consultants has become a brand name that offers help in terms of providing solution with the help of technologies, and technological innovations that has taken place in the market. We work on a field that is changing rapidly due to the technical advancement, and we make sure that we have been growing simultaneously to match up with the advancements.