LV Electrical system for HVAC and BMS, LV Electrical Work

Supply, installation, testing and commissioning of the electrical panel for the HVAC system.

*MCC/MCP for chiller, pump, cooling tower etc 
*Local Push Button for pumps, chiller, cooling towers, AHU etc

Lighting inside clean room/Labs/Hospital OT

*Local Push Button

Supply, installation, testing, and commissioning of the electrical panel for the firefighting system

*MCP, PDB etc.
*Local Push Button
Supply, installation, testing and commissioning of electrical panel for BMS system

The main purpose of the ventilation, heating and air conditioning (HVAC) system is to maintain good quality air along with an adequate amount of ventilation in the room so that people can feel thermal comfort. HVAC systems are mostly used in schools. The design and choice of an HVAC system can hugely affect high-performance goals including acoustics and water consumption.

Our engineers hold specialization in ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. Our engineers develop a quality system which is both cost-effective as well as efficient. It successfully provides the exact quantity and quality of outdoor air lowering the energy cost along with ensuring easier maintenance.

In different parts of the country, climatic conditions vary. Installing an effective HVAC system helps to maintain the right balance in the air in order to provide thermal comfort for the people residing in a building or apartment. Our engineers are also experts in setting LV electrical system.

At Parsan, we have a team of experienced and highly professional engineers who are committed to providing high-quality service to customers. Our engineers help selecting the right equipment for cooling, heating, and ventilation. From supply, installation, testing to the commission, everything is done by our expert professionals. So you can trust us for our excellent quality of service. We will never let you down.