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It is imperative for every pharmaceutical product manufacturer to maintain strict quality control. The notable part of the cGMP regulations along with in-house methods plus different types of pharmacopeia methods like USP, BP, EP, IP, and JP pertain to products’ quality control testing. Our company is known to offer professional analytical services in every area of testing ranging from excipients, intermediates, raw materials, APIs, and Bulk drugs, to finished products. Our sophisticated pharmaceutical lab functions as an extension of your Analytical R&D and QC laboratories.

We provide dairy Lab set up services

It is a fact that dairy products are of immense importance at present given that they provide essential nutrients to growing children as well as adolescents. Dairy products and milk are fantastic sources of protein, vitamins, calcium, carbohydrates, and minerals for individuals of all ages. As a result, individuals tend to consume dairy products on a regular basis right now.

Milk is arguably the most perfect food item delivered by nature and we have been consuming milk for a long time. However, milk is also extremely perishable since it is a perfect medium for the development of microorganisms that can aid in the transmission of ailments. In fact, serious health problems can be caused by microbes to consumers. As a result, it is of prime importance to either inactivate or demolish the microbes that can be pathogenic. Therefore, the idea of processed milk which has been treated with homogenization, pasteurization, sterilization, as well as ultra-processing plus other thermal and non-thermal procedures comes into existence.

Individuals often suffer from food-borne infection after drinking unpasteurized milk or raw milk due to the presence of certain bacteria such as Campylobacter, Escherichia coli, and so on.

Some of the most notable dairy products happen to be milk of all types, milk powder, butter, cream, cheese of different types, cultured dairy products like sour cream, yogurt, buttermilk, cottage cheese, and paneer, frozen desserts such as ice cream, plus dairy ingredients like Whey protein concentrate, milk protein concentrates, whey protein isolate, and so forth.

Our company has a reputation for providing an extensive array of adulteration in milk as well as dairy products testing such as detergent, starch, foreign fat, sugar, urea, sodium hydroxide (caustic soda), water, salt, maltodextrin, formalin, sodium carbonate, in addition to ammonium sulfate. Apart from this, we likewise provide FSSR testing for various milk products as well as milk.

Our comprehensive dairy lab set up services provide top-quality DNA-based analytical procedures for milk authentication and also cover every single parameter that will make sure that the overall quality, as well as safety of dairy products and milk, is maintained. Our team consists of skilled and extremely dedicated professionals that are known to deliver top-notch lab testing services at present.

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